Dance Fit with laura

This class is an all over body workout to a variety of music, from cheesy pop to Latino vibes. If you love music and dance then you'll love this class - so much so that you'll end up forgetting you are at an exercise class!

This class is taken in trainers and whatever you feel comfortable dancing in.

Everyone is welcome along and you don't need any previous dance experience to attend. I look forward to dancing with you!


Flowetic is a beautiful class combining dance, toning and strengthening exercises alongside stretching and relaxation. Fitness and wellbeing for the body and mind.

Dance, tone, strengthen, stretch and relax (in that order) to the best music around. Walk a little taller, leave the studio a little happier.

This class is taken in bare feet and please bring a towel or yoga mat along with you if you have one.

There's loads of information on the Flowetic website: http://www.flowetic.co.uk